Sunday, April 15, 2012

A-Listers Among Us

Saturday I had the very great pleasure of attending Southwest Shakespeare Company’s one night only presentation of An Evening with Kevin Kline. The event included Kevin Kline reading sonnets and excerpts from various Shakespeare plays all revolving around the subject of love with three of the Company’s actresses.

Justine Hartley looking stunning in velvet
The performance was stellar.
Mr. Kline graciously answered dozens of questions from the audience after the performance in addition to smiling and posing for every photo opt requested of him as he was bombarded by fans before and after the performance. Perhaps the most charismatic person I have ever encountered, it was an absolute pleasure to spend the evening watching Kevin Kline do what he does best.
A bit taller than I imagined, I was delighted to find out Mr. Kline’s over the top personality and signature mannerisms in his films are all part of the real man.

Not to be left out, Mariette Hartley, well known actress and mother of Justine Hartley, one of SSC’s own, was also in attendance posing for pictures and watching her daughter act alongside a Hollywood great.

Probably the biggest star to come to Mesa since…well…ever, I was not about to miss the opportunity to get all dolled up and tote out my camera for the A-Lister invasion.
My best attempt at a model pose
As I stated in my last post, I took inspiration for my outfit from Natalina Grybowski. I tried to reflect some of her bold prints and shapes with the tiers in the dress. When I requested one of her looks for my birthday my mother scoffed at me so I think this is as close as I’m going to get.
I felt obligated to apologize to the people sitting behind me for the high bun, I wasn’t thinking of them when I was putting the look together.
One of the two velvet capes that made it out for the night

One thing I noticed about the night was how many women were wearing velvet. I guess women seized what was probably the last opportunity to drag out the material for the season. I was honestly surprised  at the number of velvet looks that made it out for the night.

Another velvet look

And for some shameless self indulgence, some pictures of myself and friends with Kevin Kline.


My mother with the Man

Some of SSC's amazing actors

I finally got my picture at the end of the night

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