Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Seaside Dreamin'

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the lecture at Phoenix Art Museum presented by Caroline Milbank, author of the new book Resort Fashion: Style in Sun-DrenchedClimates.

The book is pretty self explanatory; it’s all about the emergence of resort fashion and the lifestyle that accompanies it. Divided up into categories like Breton stripes, “beach pajamas,” whites, and many more, Ms. Milbank explores the history of resort fashion beginning in the 19th c. and its rise as its own runway season.
You can tribute your Breton stripes to Coco Chanel

The book is like a stay-cation for the eyes. Ms. Milbank says she wrote it for the recession. She thought a book all about vacation might make all of us tightening our wallets feel like we’re on vacation on a beautiful beach. Jokingly she stated the original working title was “everything I learned while writing about summer vacation.”

Two of the many bathing suits freatured in The Sea exhibition

Growing up in Arizona almost my entire wardrobe can be described as “resort wear” so I have a special appreciation for this book.

If you’re looking for an escape from the summertime blues, are curious about where your trendy midriff-dress came from or maybe you’re looking for a great gift for your stylish friend's coffee table, I highly recommend this book!


Some fabulous "beach pajamas"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Italians Don't Wear Color

Sorry for my recent hiatus, I’ve been globe trotting but it is great to be home. I spent a few weeks traveling around Italy and I figured for my first post back I would say a few words on the fashion I encountered. My few word are: Italians don’t wear color.

Wearing black is the go to for the “most fashionable” people who want to look chic and sophisticated at the drop of a hat. For years I’ve heard people say that “red is the new black” or blue or pink or even brown (gross) but if you ask Italian women they’ll say “nero e il nuovo nero.”

Call me a philistine or a hippy-flower-child or just too American but I just can’t wear all black all the time. I crave color and light and vibrancy!

My summer wardrobe is packed with colored jeans, cobalt blue sandals, and shirts in nearly every shade of the rainbow; not to mention bright red hair and purple nail polish.

I may have stuck out like a sore thumb in Italy but I looked darn good doing it and I plan to keep it up for the rest of the summer.

I’ll be sure to post again soon about all fabulous designers I saw and fun Museum activities!