Saturday, July 7, 2012

A View To Die For!

As Promised if not a bit delayed, I wanted to share a little more on the fabulous fashion I encountered in Italy.

One of the amazing things about traveling in Italy if you ever get the chance to visit is the fashion! As the home to some of the world’s greatest designers, Italians take almost as much pride in their fashion as they do their food.

Simply getting myself to Italy nearly broke the bank enough at it is so shopping in all the fabulous designer stores was out of the question but that didn’t stop me from doing an amazing amount of window shopping and stopping in every H & M from Bologna to Rome!

Some fabulous gowns at the Florence H & M!

The most exciting fashion moment I had had to be in Venice. As a traveler on a budget hostels are the name of the game and often when hunting for one that doesn’t look too shady you’re at the mercy of internet reviews and ratings. I took a chance on one called Silk Road Hostel and I couldn’t have been luckier! The fact that it was clean and secure and I didn’t have to sleep on a bunk bed were more than enough for me, but the real kicker was the view from our window!
Located on the Giudecca Canal which is a bit of a hike from the train station and the popular sights of Venice like the Rialto and St. Marks, it was well worth the distance. Our window looked out on the beautiful water and across the way I spotted something only a true fashion nerd would find exciting…I could see the Fortuny Factory from my window!

A View to die for!

I got to sleep across from Fortuny and see their boutique amongst all the shops on the Rialto! I felt so lucky and of course took a ton of pictures to prove I was there!

The Fortuny boutique near The Rialto in Venice

Gucci, Chanel and Missoni, oh my!

Gucci Museum in Florence
Chanel boutique in Florence
Missoni boutique in Venice

I hope these pictures make you feel like you're in Italy doing some window shopping of your own!


Fantastic vintage jewelry in Rome

"European Man Satchels" at the world famous Florene Leather Market

Stunning coral jewelry on the Ponte Vecchio

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